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Striving ourselves on being more like a community! We have forums, blogs & videos all around our sites we own! Better yet we feel like all you generally need to get help or something done by us is send us over a message! We have a Business WhatsApp that is monitored and answered 24/7 ready for anything to be done. We are building a strong community together and will always put small-medium businesses first!

Go Professional or Enterprise to get a Getster ePos!

The set-up fees on the 2 plans are solely for our ePos unit! We have a new modern solution for everyone on Getster, It’s all online cloud-based meaning that it’s updated regularly and most importantly all updates are FREE! No regular service charges just your monthly Getster plan and the system is FULL of features from Caller ID, Google Maps Delivery Address Integration and even delivery real-time driving distance & time. 

100+ Satisfied Business Owners 

Getster & The Team has really transformed how we do business here in my cafe! We didn’t even have a Facebook page until Getster changed that and now post to over 1000 of our customers daily!”

Janet Renolds

“I really enjoy talking to everyone at Getster, We are really close now and almost like friends. Anything we need online wise for our business Getster is there and ready to help.”

Sara Blankenship

Frequently Asked Questions

Just some of the regular questions we get asked and love to answer! 

How do customers order and how do we receive them?

Orders by your customers are placed via our easy to use website/ app & your own branded app (If on Enterprise Plan) Orders are sent to you multiple ways – Via our Business Management App, Wi-Fi Receipt Printer (Can use one already at your shop) & all orders are even sent by E-Mail!

What’s a payment gateway and how do they work?

Payment gateways are crucial for online orders nowadays with cash being slowly eliminated. They are just like your card machine company but online! 

We work with only the best, easiest and safest platforms out there! 

  • Stripe – 1.4% + 20p Per Transaction – One of the worlds leading gateways – 7-10 Business Days in your account! 
  • Braintree – 1.9% + 20p Per Transaction – Takes Apple Pay – 2 Business Days in your account!
  • PayPal – 2.9% +30p Per Transaction – World’s Biggest Gateway & Most Likely Safest!
  • Barclays – (Differs on takings – Call – 0800 616 161 to find out pricing – 5-7 Business Days in Account!
  • Authorize.Net – (Only for businesses that take 85k+ in online transactions) 

How long is set up?

This can depend on your plan – 

If your doing it yourself and have a full menu it can take a maximum of 6 hours for computer beginners and 3 hours maximum for computer illiterate owners. 

If we are setting up your business & menu it will be done and live within 24 Hours of your initial interest!

Why Getster?

If we haven’t told you enough times already but we are solely focused on growing small- medium-sized businesses! While we are here to grow our brand, Your brand matters more to us! We believe that the key to our success is your success first!

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01453 297270

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